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Team ID109
Team NameSmangtenance™
Ladder NameRogue Spear Teams
Join Date5/12/2013 2:33:56 PM
Best Streak38
Best Rank0
Team FounderReVenAnT


!User NamePositionPointsWinsLossesWin %Join Date
ReVenAnTLeader1440058425969.3 %4/22/2017 11:39:58 PM
adamkgLeader121504853393.6 %6/3/2013 10:07:24 AM
KettaLeader48251913684.1 %3/27/2016 12:16:33 AM
acidLeader111504441496.9 %9/26/2016 1:29:45 AM


Winning TeamLosing TeamMatch DateStats
Smangtenance™The Rogue ExSpearament4/23/2017 12:54:19 AMView Match Details
Smangtenance™Psychotic Dimension1/1/2017 12:35:20 AMView Match Details
Smangtenance™Psychotic Dimension12/31/2016 11:31:38 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™IF12/18/2016 1:32:46 AMView Match Details
Smangtenance™Psychotic Dimension12/18/2016 12:26:33 AMView Match Details
Smangtenance™Psychotic Dimension12/17/2016 11:28:33 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™IF12/12/2016 1:23:39 AMView Match Details
Smangtenance™IF12/5/2016 11:50:14 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™IF12/5/2016 11:13:35 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™not ofcc12/2/2016 10:23:03 PMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™12/2/2016 12:54:24 AMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™12/1/2016 11:25:34 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™IF12/1/2016 10:09:10 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™RESURRECTION™12/1/2016 9:05:10 PMView Match Details
The Rogue ExSpearamentSmangtenance™11/28/2016 10:14:38 PMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™11/20/2016 7:37:30 PMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™11/19/2016 3:41:12 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™Kool-Aid™11/18/2016 4:36:16 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™The Rogue ExSpearament11/18/2016 1:21:39 AMView Match Details
Smangtenance™The Rogue ExSpearament11/18/2016 12:28:19 AMView Match Details
Smangtenance™The Rogue ExSpearament11/18/2016 12:07:58 AMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™11/13/2016 9:29:40 PMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™11/13/2016 9:28:41 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™SPYLINE11/13/2016 12:09:24 AMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™11/4/2016 11:39:14 PMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™11/4/2016 12:25:06 AMView Match Details
We The BestSmangtenance™11/4/2016 12:09:14 AMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™11/3/2016 11:01:06 PMView Match Details
Smangtenance™Whiskey Tangos10/18/2016 8:13:19 PMView Match Details
Whiskey TangosSmangtenance™10/17/2016 8:55:17 PMView Match Details

Team Comments

CommentAdded DateAdded By
Auto 10 rank bump; +5 days idle since last tournament2/7/2014 9:08:00 AMgodxcel
Glitching9/22/2013 9:16:47 PMchunk
Tournament9/16/2013 6:03:58 PMchunk