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Winning Team Information
Winning Team ID39
Winning Team NameToM ClAncY@_@;;
Winning Team Rank6
Confirmed ByTom Clancy
Confirmed On12/18/2016 10:39:06 PM
Winning Team Final Score99
Winning Team Commentsgg'z 3.0 mapped.. talk shit and get spanked.. never challenge the king again.. pls uninstall losing 1v1 to r6'er .. you arent better than me.. been matching since i was 11 years old. get good.. all he did was cry and rage all match.. refused first full neut.. cried the hwole time during the 2nd full neut.. claimed i camped when he never showed himself once.. picking store front and hiding in the dumpsters like a rook.. great attempts.. Established 1998.
Losing Team Information
Losing Team ID461
Losing Team Namesilk
Losing Team Rank0
Reported Bysilk_
Reported On12/15/2016 1:37:04 AM
Losing Team Final Score0
Losing Team Comments 
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