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Winning Team Information
Winning Team ID156
Winning Team NamexiDinGLex
Winning Team Rank10
Confirmed ByxiDinGLex
Confirmed On4/9/2015 11:55:51 PM
Winning Team Final Score0
Winning Team Commentssuch horrible games it hurts. He left after 1st game, accused me. came back an hour later and started again. more accusations. i won, he said he lagged out and was afk...same game. i won again, im a pussy for picking the map. GET GOOD ANTHONY OR STFU.
Losing Team Information
Losing Team ID39
Losing Team NameToM ClAncY@_@;;
Losing Team Rank6
Reported ByTom Clancy
Reported On4/9/2015 11:49:38 PM
Losing Team Final Score0
Losing Team Comments2.3 amazon.. 2.3 cqc.. 3.0 oil rig .. 2.3 trainer.. trainer on a 1v1.? this kid needs to gay and try hard to win everytime
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