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Winning Team Information
Winning Team ID497
Winning Team Name•·'·.§µprêmè Tëåm.·'·•
Winning Team Rank2
Confirmed ByD1ESEL
Confirmed On2/21/2018 4:28:37 PM
Winning Team Final Score3
Winning Team Comments20-6 sickness and ratedx crying SE...2018
Losing Team Information
Losing Team ID429
Losing Team Nameslime season™
Losing Team Rank5
Reported By+LooongcaT
Reported On2/21/2018 3:46:35 PM
Losing Team Final Score0
Losing Team Commentsthere was 2 matches/wins last night after i played (where i lost and sucked and playeyd with broken computer). thank you
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