Match Detail

Winning Team Information
Winning Team ID492
Winning Team NameVideo games
Winning Team Rank2
Confirmed By+LooongcaT
Confirmed On10/2/2017 11:33:50 PM
Winning Team Final Score3
Winning Team Commentssee comments
Losing Team Information
Losing Team ID296
Losing Team NameThe Rise of rWr -;; R6 and RS Originals*
Losing Team Rank1
Reported By+LooongcaT
Reported On10/2/2017 11:23:42 PM
Losing Team Final Score1
Losing Team Comments docks, subway, desal plant score says 3blue team got to 3 wins already. if you're trying to say too bad, then look at it this way...lets say its a close match and match is over...every says ggs. But then someone had stats on and notices its still 21oo for example, do you just say too bad u arleady said ggs ....or do you finish the match? Last time I checked, the score is the score. ggs. you can have rank 1 back tommrow.
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