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Winning Team Information
Winning Team ID342
Winning Team Name*||HP||* Hot Pizza
Winning Team Rank6
Confirmed By+LooongcaT
Confirmed On6/19/2017 12:01:47 AM
Winning Team Final Score3
Winning Team Comments5v5 ggs coug still hosting a 6v6 this time.... somehow won Playing Rogue Recon here lc dingle pense fingaz souledin +randomscab vs cato coug plank ant rip dev 2121....pense supposedly frag crasehhd on MP...but was on our team....we did a redo....for some reason tomclancy was upset that it was an auto win on fc.........wrong rule buddy for the wrong side. pense wasnt on losing team lmfao
Losing Team Information
Losing Team ID477
Losing Team Namevasefuder
Losing Team Rank3
Reported Bykapriel
Reported On6/18/2017 11:15:46 PM
Losing Team Final Score1
Losing Team Comments 
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